Gorkha Beer- नेपाली पन , गोर्खाली मन

The Background

The brand that was initially targeted towards the international tourist with a pursuit of delivering an authentic Nepali experience to them is now one of the most loved Beer brand even amongst the Nepali consumers. Our core customer includes a large group of Nepali youth who carry a very modern outlook but are still Nepali by heart. Those who always associated with good Nepali brands and feel proud about it.


A communication campaign that could associate with the core audience and also portray the true Nepali spirit.

The Process

Business Advantage was associated with the brand from its inception, therefore we have witnessed the brand’s journey on how it has evolved. From what the brand was trying to achieve with this campaign to the challenges faced in order to create a campaign that is simplistic yet visually refreshing and distinct. The initial focus was to come up with the communication line for the campaign that could summarize our objective at its best possible manner. After evaluating a number of options with the client, we finally agreed on the line “Nepali Pann, Gorkhali Mann”.

Nepali Pann, Gorkhali Mann

This communication line summarizes the true spirit of Nepali youth that we were aiming our campaign towards. We Nepali take pride in our kind, courteous and helpful nature; the attributes we are best known for all around the world. Hence, these attributes were our best picks for describing a Gorkhali. For the visualization we had multiple ideas but what spoke best to both the team and clients was a very distinct visual communication hence the birth of the shadow style of creative.

The Campaign

When we had our communication received well by the customers, we planned to extend the idea further by utilizing the similar visualization style. We were always very clear that Gorkha needs to have a strong association with the Nepali style of living, so we also began associating with Ethnic Nepali festivals that are celebrated in different parts of Nepal. This gave us a lot of opportunity to connect with the ethnic groups and expand our communication idea throughout nation.
Taking the campaign, a step further we created a brand song “Gorkha Anthem”. For this we came together with a team of lyricist and artists including Swapnil Sharma, the lead man of a very popular Nepali rock band called The Shadows. We went to different parts of the country to capture and showcase a wide variety of culture and heritage that we have in Nepal for the official video for the Gorkha Anthem.

The Result

The campaign got an exceptional response from the market as soon as it was launched. The video was also very well received by our audience and the video was successful in hitting 10 million views in a span of just 40 days. The campaign was also featured in a popular internal site Mad Over Marketing. Please click on the following link to read the article: https://mad-over-marketing.com/gorkhas-new-campaign-brings-out-the-true-essence-of-what-the-brand-stands-for/