United Cements - अब जुट्ने बेला हो

The Brief

The brief we got from the client was plain and simple “A promotional campaign for United Cement”. But the thing with briefs is; the simpler it is, the tougher the job gets. When such vague brief makes our way we go back to the roots and start basic.

The Process

Even before our thinking caps were on, we were clear on what we wanted and what we absolutely didn’t want for United Cements. We knew we wanted to use “UNITED” the name of the brand as the core of the campaign because we collectively agreed that it’s a great name for a product like cement to have. We were also pretty clear on not going the usual “nation building” route that every other cement/ steel brand is carrying. After a couple of brainstorming session we decided on going about with “Aba jutne bela ho” as the tagline for the campaign.

Aba Jutne Bela Ho

As cement combines all other materials the line speaks about uniting together. The reason behind choosing this line is not just because it directly communicates the function of product but is also relevant in different contexts. The line is also closely relevant in the society we are living.

The Campaign

For the Television Commercial we wanted to do something clutter breaking, attention grabbing yet something which has scope of having higher Ad recall therefore we created an animated video. The video has humanized building materials having a banter about who is the most important followed by the entry of the United Cement as a superhero that urges everyone to come together and be UNITED. We also created a hummable jingle for the video. We are also creating print Ads complementing the video.
Along with the main TVC we have produced and released 3 short videos for United Cements. Each video has over 10k views. These videos were created in support of our main campaign theme. The videos brings forward the emotional angle of the campaign. The first video “Buwa’ was released on the occasion of father’s day depicting the pure and unconditional love of a father for his son. Similarly, the second video ‘Ashish’ is a story of family that reunite after years for Dashain. The latest video of ‘Bhaitika’ is an emotional heart wrenching story about a brother and sister. All three videos had an unlying theme of Uniting together.